Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lovin Life

Things are going really good. I am getting used to working nights. The bad news is I'm also getting used to everyday. It's bad, I just get so tired. Berlin has been having some pretty intense temper tantrums. She has always been a very dramatic, independent, high energy girl. But now that she is 3, it gets so stressful. I really feel like when she gets upset I have no way of controlling her. I hate spanking her, and it doesn't work, time outs don't work. I really feel lost sometimes. She is such an angel, but if she gets mad, she is just wild. Anyways, I plan on reading some discipline advice, and trying to find something that will work. It's really scary to think that in 4 months we will have a new baby to care for. But in good news, she is completely potty trained. She would never poopoo in the potty, but for the last 5-6 weeks she's gone everytime. She also sleeps in big girl panties, she has only had 2 accidents. This is a huge relief, before she wouldn't even try, I really thought she would be close to 4 before she would be potty trained. But one day she just started going. What a big girl!
These are some horses behind our house, they are so beautiful. I wish they were mine.

I guess this is part of living in the country. Jake hit it while he was mowing. He thinks it was a copper head. I just hate the idea of Berlin running around, and getting bit by a snake. Yuck!

I got Sawyer's bedding in, and I love it! The best part is it wasn't expensive, I love The walls in the nursery are green, and I love the colors of the bedding and the design. Now we just need to get some stuff for the walls, and maybe a rug if I can find one that works.

Here's a pic my hubby took. He likes to take pictures, and he gets some really cool shots. Below, he carved our initials on a tree, what a sweetheart! I'm not used to going by E.B. anymore though, lol.

Here I am 22 weeks pregnant. I already feel so big, it's hard to believe that I have now 17 weeks left. Somedays I feel like my hips are going to fall apart, lets hope it doesn't get much worse. In ways it feels like time is slowing down. In reality though I can't believe we have just 4 short months to spend with Berlin as our only child. My goal is to do as much with Berlin now while we still can. We took her Gator Golfing this week for the first time, she really had fun just running around, but it was still really fun. This summer I want to do all the big kid stuff we can, before we have a newborn to take care of. We are going to Galveston in June. I can't wait for her to see the ocean. I think I will have the most fun watching her play.

22 weeks here again.

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Jen said...

Your so precious! AND I LOVE the bedding, so cute! I can't believe that you only have 17wks left...seems like you just found out! It will be so much fun introducing Sawyer and Ava to eachother...oh, can't wait!