Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lovin Life

Things are going really good. I am getting used to working nights. The bad news is I'm also getting used to everyday. It's bad, I just get so tired. Berlin has been having some pretty intense temper tantrums. She has always been a very dramatic, independent, high energy girl. But now that she is 3, it gets so stressful. I really feel like when she gets upset I have no way of controlling her. I hate spanking her, and it doesn't work, time outs don't work. I really feel lost sometimes. She is such an angel, but if she gets mad, she is just wild. Anyways, I plan on reading some discipline advice, and trying to find something that will work. It's really scary to think that in 4 months we will have a new baby to care for. But in good news, she is completely potty trained. She would never poopoo in the potty, but for the last 5-6 weeks she's gone everytime. She also sleeps in big girl panties, she has only had 2 accidents. This is a huge relief, before she wouldn't even try, I really thought she would be close to 4 before she would be potty trained. But one day she just started going. What a big girl!
These are some horses behind our house, they are so beautiful. I wish they were mine.

I guess this is part of living in the country. Jake hit it while he was mowing. He thinks it was a copper head. I just hate the idea of Berlin running around, and getting bit by a snake. Yuck!

I got Sawyer's bedding in, and I love it! The best part is it wasn't expensive, I love The walls in the nursery are green, and I love the colors of the bedding and the design. Now we just need to get some stuff for the walls, and maybe a rug if I can find one that works.

Here's a pic my hubby took. He likes to take pictures, and he gets some really cool shots. Below, he carved our initials on a tree, what a sweetheart! I'm not used to going by E.B. anymore though, lol.

Here I am 22 weeks pregnant. I already feel so big, it's hard to believe that I have now 17 weeks left. Somedays I feel like my hips are going to fall apart, lets hope it doesn't get much worse. In ways it feels like time is slowing down. In reality though I can't believe we have just 4 short months to spend with Berlin as our only child. My goal is to do as much with Berlin now while we still can. We took her Gator Golfing this week for the first time, she really had fun just running around, but it was still really fun. This summer I want to do all the big kid stuff we can, before we have a newborn to take care of. We are going to Galveston in June. I can't wait for her to see the ocean. I think I will have the most fun watching her play.

22 weeks here again.

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

So today was the big ultrasound day. Everything looks perfect, and we are having a precious little boy. His name is Sawyer, and I love it. I never knew I wanted a son until this pregnancy. I have had such a strong desire to have a son, dreaming about it and all. Well, God has blessed us once again.
After the ultrasound we went shopping and got a few outfits. I really haven't ever looked at boys clothes, but we found some super cute things. I am so excited just to know what we are having, now we can really start planning for this new addition. I had bedding picked out for boy or girl already, I can't wait to order it. I am so thankful that he is healthy, and pray that it all stays that way. I hope these next 21 weeks go by fairly fast. I can't wait to meet my little boy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

It's getting exciting!

I can't believe it's already late April. Time is just flying by. Things are going really good. A few weeks ago I went to two of my nursing school friend's baby showers. They were a blast, and it was so good to see eachother again. Here Jen is around 32 weeks and glowing. I am 16 weeks along in the pic, you can't really see me belly though.

The next day was Sabre's shower. She is a few weeks ahead of Jen. They both look beautiful.

I am such a bad mom. I hadn't had Berlin's pictures made since Christmas 2007. So my andMIL
and I took her for Easter pictures. Honestly, she is such a little poser. We had a really had time chosing because they were all great. From now on I am going to take her at least twic a year.Here are some of my favorites.

Easter was fun this year, although the weather was pretty rotten. It was so nice to get together with family for such a special day.

I am 18 weeks now and feeling great. We get to find out the sex in 1 WEEK!!!!! I honestly can't wait. I am so excited. Berlin is going to come with us, I think it will help her understand more. She is so excited, and will be the best big sister. Also, I started working back in Labor and Delivery last week! It is honestly a life saver. I love my job there, and was honestly pretty miserable where I was. I am so thankful to be back.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet baby :)

I had my 1st visit with the actual Dr. last Thursday. I was so excited to hear the heartbeat, it just seems so surreal. When we got there she ended up doing an ultrasound too, which I was not expecting. It was so amazing to see our sweet little baby. By dates I was 11 weeks 2days, but she ended up moving my due date up 9 days. So here the baby is 12 weeks 4 days. Time already seemed to be flying by, now it really is since my due date got moved to September 20th! I can't believe in two more visits we will know the sex! We really are waiting till then to start our preparations. If it is a girl she will be set with clothes for life. I literally of tubs full of Berlin's "old" clothes. Now if it's a boy, we'll have to do some shopping. I can't wait to know!!! So far I've lost 2 lbs. , the great thing is that I haven't had any morning sickness. Really I feel great, it's so weird.
Also, in other exciting news I get to go back to Labor and Delivery. I just have to wait for my area now to find a replacement. I can't wait!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ready for Spring!

I can't belive tomorrow is March 1st! Time is just flying by. Things are pretty exciting for us right now. We are expecting our second baby the end of September. I can't wait for Berlin to be a big sister, she is already so excited. I am 9 weeks along, and so far it's going pretty fast. I still have a LONG way to go though. I can't wait to finally get to hear the heart beat in 2 weeks, its seems like such a long wait!

In other exciting news our little Berlin turned 3 the end of January. Thanks to the ice storm we were out of power for 5 days, so her Tea Party we planned got canceled. We still had a party with just family, and it was a blast. Here she is the moring of her birthday. We had crashed at Jake's Grandmother's house.

I'm 3!!!!

She asked for a chocolate donut with sprinkles for her birthday for a month straight!

We took her to Chucky Cheese that day to have some fun!

Opening her gift from Uncle Will and Aunt Andrea. They let us shower at their house, thank you so much!

A big Dora!!!

We ended up having her party at Joses, it's not a Tea Party but she still had fun.

My beautiful little girl!

Making a wish!

Eating cake with her cousins! What cute girls we have!

Present time!

What a princess in that tutu!

We love pig tails!

Fun days with Daddy at the park!

I can't wait till its warm outside and we can get out and start having tons of fun. Work is pretty stressful right now. I am officially taking my own patients on the Medical/Surgical floor. It's very over whelming at times. There is so much you just can't learn in school. Some days I don't get to eat lunch untill 4 or 5pm. I know it is making me a better nurse, it's just pretty painful along the way. Also, when you are literally running all day long, a lot of the little extras I like to do for my patients get neglected. I am next to go back to Labor and Delivery so hopefully in the next few months. I am liking working days though. I am trying to keep a good attitude. I know I am really lucky to have a job at all.
P.S. Tomorrow is my dear friend Jen's birthday! Happy Birthday girl! Hope it's a great one!