Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ready for Spring!

I can't belive tomorrow is March 1st! Time is just flying by. Things are pretty exciting for us right now. We are expecting our second baby the end of September. I can't wait for Berlin to be a big sister, she is already so excited. I am 9 weeks along, and so far it's going pretty fast. I still have a LONG way to go though. I can't wait to finally get to hear the heart beat in 2 weeks, its seems like such a long wait!

In other exciting news our little Berlin turned 3 the end of January. Thanks to the ice storm we were out of power for 5 days, so her Tea Party we planned got canceled. We still had a party with just family, and it was a blast. Here she is the moring of her birthday. We had crashed at Jake's Grandmother's house.

I'm 3!!!!

She asked for a chocolate donut with sprinkles for her birthday for a month straight!

We took her to Chucky Cheese that day to have some fun!

Opening her gift from Uncle Will and Aunt Andrea. They let us shower at their house, thank you so much!

A big Dora!!!

We ended up having her party at Joses, it's not a Tea Party but she still had fun.

My beautiful little girl!

Making a wish!

Eating cake with her cousins! What cute girls we have!

Present time!

What a princess in that tutu!

We love pig tails!

Fun days with Daddy at the park!

I can't wait till its warm outside and we can get out and start having tons of fun. Work is pretty stressful right now. I am officially taking my own patients on the Medical/Surgical floor. It's very over whelming at times. There is so much you just can't learn in school. Some days I don't get to eat lunch untill 4 or 5pm. I know it is making me a better nurse, it's just pretty painful along the way. Also, when you are literally running all day long, a lot of the little extras I like to do for my patients get neglected. I am next to go back to Labor and Delivery so hopefully in the next few months. I am liking working days though. I am trying to keep a good attitude. I know I am really lucky to have a job at all.
P.S. Tomorrow is my dear friend Jen's birthday! Happy Birthday girl! Hope it's a great one!