Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet baby :)

I had my 1st visit with the actual Dr. last Thursday. I was so excited to hear the heartbeat, it just seems so surreal. When we got there she ended up doing an ultrasound too, which I was not expecting. It was so amazing to see our sweet little baby. By dates I was 11 weeks 2days, but she ended up moving my due date up 9 days. So here the baby is 12 weeks 4 days. Time already seemed to be flying by, now it really is since my due date got moved to September 20th! I can't believe in two more visits we will know the sex! We really are waiting till then to start our preparations. If it is a girl she will be set with clothes for life. I literally of tubs full of Berlin's "old" clothes. Now if it's a boy, we'll have to do some shopping. I can't wait to know!!! So far I've lost 2 lbs. , the great thing is that I haven't had any morning sickness. Really I feel great, it's so weird.
Also, in other exciting news I get to go back to Labor and Delivery. I just have to wait for my area now to find a replacement. I can't wait!