Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things have changed!

We are now a family of four! Here are some recent pictures.

Well it's been forever since I posted anything on here. I think the last time I posted I was like 20 weeks pregnant. Obviously I'm not pregnant anymore. Sawyer Ki DeVault was born September 9, 2009 at 10:48. He is now a beautiful healthy sweet 4 month old. Life with 2 kids is going good. He was truly meant to be a part of our family, and is the biggest blessing. Berlin is now out of daycare, and that has it's good and bad moments. I love her being her with us, but I do feel she gets bored and watches too much tv. I'm convinced this will change once Sawyer can play more and the weather is warmer. Berlin turns 4 on the 31st! I cannot believe my lil girl is going to be 4. Time has really flown by the last year. Berlin is such a girly girl. She loves to sing, dance, dress up, fix hair, you get the point. She is also very funny, and says the funniest stuff. She is the best big sister and LOVES her lil brother so much. It is so amazing to see her in this new role. It makes me so proud.
I started working part time after Sawyer was born. It's crazy how it feels like work still runs my life. I need to be better about using my "free" time to get more done. Jake is doing great being a Dad of 2. Thankfully his work schedule allows him to stay home with the kids while I'm working/sleeping during the day. It is working for now, but working opposite shifts for those 4 days are pretty hard. I'm so lucky though that my children get to stay home with us.
Life is exciting. I'm ready for spring so we can get out more. Well, I'm going to try to blog more, it's nice to read back at what was happening in my life.


Courtney Cox said...

YAY!!! Im so glad you have posted!!! I can't believe how BIG Sawyer is and he is adorable!! And, I am so glad that Berlin is enjoying him as well!

Emily said...

Thanks Courtney! I am going to try and keep it up. By the way, I love reading about your life. Tate is seriously to cutest lil boy! You are a wonderful mother!

Daniel and Lesley Ingram said...

Emily!!!! You found me! I am so excited about becoming a mom and I read your blog and now I am even more excited. When I saw you the other day in the ER...I didn't know it was you at first(Sorry)!!! I'm glad you are doing good. Your family is growing and your kids are cute. Your little girl looks just like you. I will hopefully see you soon at work.